My name is Francesco, I live in Cortona, and I have had a passion for cooking and tasting for years. Turning this passion into a career was just a natural progression. So, after attending training courses and seminars, I earned my HACCP certification so I could put my knowledge into practice.
I started working in many restaurants of the province of Arezzo, Tuscany.

For years I have focused on my Personal Chef business, I'm currently working on improving our offering of locally-sourced food, following in the footsteps of our great culinary tradition. I also work in collaboration with the top Tuscan and Umbrian facilities: farm houses, bars, historic villas as well as private households.

Some of this is coordinated through Agencies and Tour Operators while other locations are arranged through direct contact.

Francesco Chef
Francesco Chef


I offer a wide range of services, offering everything from small, but memorable events to large dinners at villas to happy hours and cooking classes, always with.


We only use the best Local and Seasonal Ingredients


We respect your Privacy and we thank you with a Smile


We offer Traditional Italian and Tuscan Recipes

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